A Touch of Outdoor Heaven

Athens - Residential

In the bustling heart of Athens, a private residence turns its outdoor space into an authentic oasis, thanks to the artistry of architect Giorgos Vernardakis - ARCHIT & LANDSCAPE. This project marries sophisticated design with high-quality materials to create an outdoor space where each element speaks of elegance and functionality. It's the ideal setting for creating cherished moments with family and friends.

Lares, the modular stainless steel outdoor kitchen

At the heart of this stunning outdoor space is the Lares modular stainless-steel kitchen by Fògher, a choice that embodies both perfection and elegance. The composition is simple and essential, with everything needed for a perfect evening: a practical sink, a fridge to keep the wine chilled, our 750 FO barbecue for delicious creations, and a neutral countertop for all the finishing touches. Not only does it offer impeccable functionality, but our minimalist design also adds a touch of luxury and modernity to the entire space.
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Giorgos Vernardakis explains: "I chose Fògher for the unmatched quality and sophisticated design of their products. I firmly believe that their premium barbecue system perfectly meets the needs of an exclusive and refined clientele."

The Transformative Modularity

The Lares outdoor kitchen represents the perfect combination of style, functionality, and quality craftsmanship. Its modularity allows for free composition of the space, to suit every user’s needs. This Athenian project takes full advantage of the versatility of the Lares modules, creating an outdoor kitchen that is both highly functional and complete. With advanced cooking systems, top-notch appliances, and accessories designed for every culinary need, the Lares kitchen not only meets but exceeds the highest expectations. 
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Continuous technological research and thoughtful design ensure that every element is simple to assemble and easy to use, while concealing intensive planning and expertise. This approach allows the kitchen to be perfectly tailored to each client's needs, guaranteeing an unmatched outdoor cooking experience.

Elegance and Functionality in Every Detail

Every element of this outdoor kitchen is designed to offer comfort and beauty. The soft lighting, premium materials, and harmonious arrangement of elements create a cozy and intimate atmosphere, perfect for unforgettable summer evenings. This space becomes a luxurious retreat, ideal for hosting and impressing guests, flawlessly blending style and practicality.
This outdoor kitchen isn't just about cooking. It's a special corner designed for being together and creating unforgettable memories.



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