The challenge for the ecological transition has become a passion and has made the issue of eco-sustainability a key pillar in our business development and growth path. We experience it as a great opportunity and not as a constraint.


Corporate and production sustainability

The majestic Belluno Dolomites, which embrace our headquarters and production, have been an inexhaustible source of inspiration for the creation of our Fògher outdoor kitchens. We want to preserve and safeguard this territory, recognizing the value of what it has given us and the impact it has had on our sensitivity and education. Nature resonates in our spirit and we feel indebted to the community that hosted us. In every gesture, big or small, we try to give back what we can, day after day, to protect it and make a difference.
Every day we dedicate ourselves to small actions that make a difference. Reduced use of paper and consumable materials, the elimination of plastic bottles and containers with minimization of waste and commitment to the proper disposal of hazardous waste, represent a fundamental aspect in our daily lives.
Moreover through daily checks, we ensure impeccable management in this crucial area.
Fògher represents the future choice of a humanity that evolves over time, breathing and nourishing itself on the air of the profound change our planet is suggesting us to make
Fògher Mission

Eco-sustainability integrated into our products

We work constantly to pursue a tangible result in terms of sustainable development; in our business practices with respect to the territory where we work and in our products, that we ship all over the world. Our mission is to offer solutions that inspire positive change in people's habits inside and outside their homes. Fògher kitchens take shape through the use of fine materials. Their contemporary elegant design is meant for our outdoor kitchen to be a lasting choice. A business determination that fully harmonizes with the principles of sustainability that we uphold.
We have moved boundaries with our barbecues, pursuing excellence in optimizing gas consumption. Fògher cooking systems guarantee a saving in gas of approximately 50%, compared to competing models, concretely demonstrating that innovation can walk "hand in hand" with ecological responsibility.
We passionately desire a sustainable world and are committed every day to pursuing it in our work.
For us at Fògher, the challenge presented by the ecological transition is an opportunity for growth. We are inspired by the natural strength of our territory and create products that reflect our actions for a better future, for both ourselves and our planet.