Tradition, innovation and quality

Technological innovation and attention to quality are distinctive features of Fògher kitchens. High quality materials, "artisanal" care in the manufacturing process, together with technological research and optimal ergonomics, come together to offer practical and reliable products, suitable for both domestic and professional use in the catering sector.
Fògher projects are focused on the creation of kitchens designed to withstand outdoor conditions and high temperatures over time. Each product features technological and systematic innovations that make Fògher a leading brand in the outdoor cooking market.


The term Fire Core® identifies all the innovative features found in our cooking machines. It is the beating heart that distinguishes our Fògher machines in the market, offering an unparalleled cooking experience.


Fògher barbecues reduce gas consumption by 50% or more, compared to all similar products on the market.
This result has been achieved through the scientific combination of burners from the industrial oven sector, with special reflectors that evenly distribute heat across the entire surface, ensuring cooking stability and reaching temperatures of up to 300°C in direct cooking.
the ultimate barbecue experience


The Fògher smoker is a fascinating machine, designed to explore a culinary technique of ancient tradition but with a new applied technology: the art of professional smoking. The basic concept of our smoker is to break down the convective flows, giving life to an innovative system called "reverse flow", the FireCore® of the Slow&Low Fògher cooking machine.
In the lower part of the vertical smoker, where the charcoal burns, temperatures can reach up to 500°C.
 As it diffuses, the heat is directed laterally along the walls and, through a naturally forced convective motion, descends along the cooking area and then exits through the chimney located on the roof of the smoker. This mechanism ensures intense smoking and creates a minimal temperature difference, a fraction of a degree, between the highest and lowest points within the cooking chamber. This provides outstanding results with precise heat control and homogeneous smoking.
The smoker


The collaboration with the architect and industrial designer Nicola De Pellegrini is a key element in our entire study and manufacturing process. Together we share passion and constant commitment to innovation and research. Ensuring that Fògher kitchens provide a healthy and wholesome cooking environment, by effectively eliminating combustion gases from the cooking area, has been a challenge and a priority goal that we have achieved and are very proud of.


Ever since the first-generation study of our barbecues, we have taken special care to ensure that combustion gases are naturally conducted outside, to maintain a low and constant temperature inside the cooking chamber and create an ideal environment for indirect cooking as well. Thanks to this innovation the combustion fumes are expelled through the rear chimney, without ever crossing the cooking chamber and without the need to open the lid.
This keeps the atmosphere inside intact, preserving flavors and achieving optimal cooking results.
Grill fireplace


The Fògher garden fireplace is not just a simple fireplace but a new, perfect, design object developed to accompany the most traditional outdoor cooking into the future. The highly functional double hood is designed to prevent overheating. Thanks to applied fluid dynamics studies, our fireplace is able to ensure maximum extraction efficiency in any atmospheric condition. The use of thin metal sheets allows for rapid heating of the inside of the hood, and due to convective motion, a constantly low outside temperature is ensured. This system allows us to apply an elegant powder coating to the outer shell, while the heat inside is preserved and distributed by high-quality materials, ensuring the long life of the fireplace in your gardens.
the fireplace grill