Employees, third parties, and in general all stakeholders who have relationships or carry out activities with DEIMOS S.R.L., may transmit to the company:

  • reports substantiated by specific and concordant factual elements of illicit conduct, of which they have become aware in the course of their functions or relationships with the Company;
  • actions, behaviors, or events that may lead to the commission of unlawful acts or the violation of rules, regulations, and other legal provisions or prescriptions of competent authorities;
  • any other violation of company procedures or regulations.

For the transmission of reports, it is possible:

  • to send a letter via mail addressed to the "Internal Whistleblowing Channel Manager" at DEIMOS S.R.L.s address, specifying "CONFIDENTIAL". In this case, to ensure confidentiality, it is necessary for the report to be enclosed in a sealed inner envelope placed within a second envelope containing the identifying information of the reporter along with a photocopy of the identification document.
  • to use the internal reporting channel "Whistleblowing", which allows the transmission of reports with the guarantee of confidentiality regarding the identity of the reporter and is managed through a platform independent of the company s computer systems at https://deimossrl.segnalazioni.net/

The Reporter is also provided with an external reporting channel managed by the National Anti-Corruption Authority (ANAC), which they can resort to when the internal reporting channel has not yielded results, when there are well-founded reasons to believe there might be a risk of retaliation, or when there is an imminent and evident danger to public interest.