Genuine cooking tools for professionals

We want FÒGHER to be a new evolution on the barbecuing panorama.

This is why every product is designed to be an innovative cooking system, made unique by extraordinary patented cooking and smoke extraction systems; able to achieve exceptional results with all types of food.

The utmost expression of quality can be seen in the use of extraordinary materials, specifically designed to be hardwearing, resisting the weather and high working temperatures. The thicknesses of the metal used give the products stability and ensure that over time all the qualities that make them authentic pieces of specialist cooking equipment will remain intact.

Everything the professional chef needs

Our aim is to achieve the very best in terms of performance at any level of culinary experience.

This type of vision, together with a constant commitment to Research and Development, has allowed us to direct our efforts to the creation of a range of products specially designed for culinary professionals.

The project is based on the use of new technologies, in conjunction with the input of leading chefs and an engineering format intended to obtain a design and functionality that is fully directed towards achieving cooking of a professional standard.

Designed to increase business

The decision to provide a complete range, consisting of products for the most demanding requirements of the consumer customer and a line specifically for professionals, increases the business potential for companies in the industry.

Backing the FÒGHER brand is synonymous with a quality guarantee for enterprises such as: restaurants, bistros, pubs, catering companies and all establishments in the restaurant industry, where extreme care and a professional approach are essential for preparing and cooking the food they offer.