Black angus Fogherburger


Mix all the ingredients at least 1 hour before serving and leave everything to stand.
Meanwhile ignite the barbecue in grill mode to around 180/200 °C (356/392 °F). After leaving the ingredients to stand for 60 minutes, make balls (hamburgers) of around 150 grams each and cook for a total of 8 minutes (4 minutes each side), or until the hamburger reaches a temperature of 55 °C (131 °F) in the middle.
Serve with soft bread, salad, onion, cheese and bacon, if made into a sandwich, or alternatively leave the ingredients separate set out on a plate.


for 4 people
  • 600gr. of Black Angus beef with a good percentage of fat
  • 6gr. of salt
  • 1gr. of pepper


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