Fògher kitchens and barbecues put themselves at the disposal of experienced chefs and acclaimed restaurants in order to create unforgettable culinary experiences. Top quality raw materials, tradition and modernity are combined with technology and professionalism of Fògher cooking systems to create refined and creative dishes. Each of these experiences takes place in special locations that, along with the dishes, tell part of the story and culture of our wonderful territory.


On the slopes of the Dolomites, surrounded by magnificent nature, local ingredients and culinary traditions meet the professionalism, innovation and creativity of Locanda San Martino.

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Bread is the food that connects us the almost to our origins, creating a union between the peoples of the Land. In the very heart of Borgo Valbelluna we have cooked bread and pizza according to the best traditions, by using Fògher drop-in barbecues.

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In the Venice Lagoon, a magical place suspended between water and the sky, the chefs of the restaurant Antica Dogana have cooked local seafood specialities by using Fògher modular kitchens with unique views of the Venetian islands.

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