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FÒGHER is a brand that was born out of our single most desire. To create objects that can enthuse those who use them, not only in terms of appearance, but also because of the professional quality of the results that can be achieved. Behind these products is a company that specialises in working with metal. Deimos, our company which has been operating in this sector for over 20 years, devising products and complex projects that only a company like us can offer, based on experience and strong technical expertise.


We realised from the outset that to achieve something special we would need to use special materials. It is thanks to our expertise in working with metal that we have managed to combine the aluminium covered metal and special paint finishes able to withstand high temperatures with stainless steel, forging innovative products with a clean-cut and linear design that will remain unaltered over time. We do not consider these products to be mere barbecues as other do, but a genuine evolution in professional cooking.

In constant evolution

We started inspired by passion and over time our skills and abilities have increased, making us grow in the area and beyond. Now our factory is a large production and operational unit, in continuous growth, among the most important in the area. Inside are all our skills and the tools we use to make them happen. From design to metalworking, painting and assembly. But we are always the same, the ones who wanted to fulfill a great desire and have succeeded. Of course, this is not enough for us. We are ambitious and always driven towards continuous improvement that we want to share with anyone, without secrets, through what we do, or by coming to see for ourselves how we do it. Right here in our company.

Italians like our
Made in Italy

We are a company born and bred in Italy. We are surrounded by the beauty of the Dolomites, in Trichiana in the Belluno province. This is where we live and work. Every day the extraordinary landscapes of our territory increase our passion for the quality of life, making us creative and flexible, but at the same time efficient and driven towards striving for perfection in everything we do. For us the 'Made in Italy' brand is a fundamental value that expresses what we are and, as such, it must be an integral part of our products. This is why we design and manufacture all our barbecues here. Because there's nowhere better to make them.


Deimos is proud of its ethics code that guides its way of acting every day for internal people, customers and partners who support it.


Combining the company's competitiveness needs with people's expectations, spreading the value of competence and professional flexibility.


The competitiveness of the company is a direct consequence of the development of innovative solutions and continuous improvement of the processes.


Team working, reducing conflicts and maximizing the exchange of information for a common result of the company and the group.


Guarantee the safety of personnel, the reduction of risks and the improvement of working conditions, through monitoring and targeted strategic actions.


Taking responsibility for your professional growth project to contribute to the success of the company and the group.


Maintain correct and loyal internal and external relations aimed at ensuring ethically business conduct.


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